Exhaustive schedules and lightning paced lifestyles have left families with no time to take care of their home cleaning. Families therefore look towards commercial maid service to handle crucial cleaning aspects of their homes. However before you finalizing an appointment you should know in detail to who you are giving access to your home. Today maid service has become a booming industry is many metropolitan cities of the world. Here we will be taking a look into a popular maid service in Dubai. A full and part time Filipino maid is the latest addition to marketing strategy of cleaning companies in Dubai.  Below we will be discussing some critical aspects to lookout for before you finalize your appointment with a full and part time Filipino maid.


Before you let any full or part time maid enter your home premises make sure the company for which he/she works has bonded him/her against any theft or loss. Make sure you only go for a company that has bonded their employees complete against any loss to client.


Insurance is another aspect to lookout for when hiring a commercial home cleaning staff. This will ensure that in any incident during their course of cleaning at your premises you won’t be liable to bear extra expenses. Make sure the agent has complete insurance against all possible employee accident coverage.


This is a shortcut great for families who don’t want to bear much pain in search of competent and reliable maid. You can ask your friends, relatives or colleagues for recommendation and references for maids they have already experienced. Now when you go for recommendation you should ask few basic questions so you can be assured of the competency and reliability of the service.

  • The duration for which the person has utilized the service
  • Whether or not they have to report a complaint against the staff?
  • Can they enthusiastically endorse the service?

Employee Screening

This goes around as background check for employees. Ask companies their detailed screening procedure and whether or not they check their employees against their references and details. Before you let any full and part time Filipino maid enter your home premises make sure you are completely sure about his/her authenticity and reliability.

These points might look too hectic at first, but be sure that these points are worth every bit of your effort. You home is a sacred place and you certainly won’t like any unreliable or incompetent person enter your home – leave along cleaning agent whom you will have to give access to all corners of your home.


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