Are you always frustrated with messy living room? Do you hate your dirty living room so much that you can’t even bear to sit in there? Living rooms are one of the most important portions of your home that are used for general family sitting, dining and friends area. So, while living rooms bear all these stuff, you need to pay extra attention for living rooms cleaning services. For families with limited time, professional home cleaning maid services companies provide an easy solution for competent and complete cleaning. However, if you prefer doing stuff yourself, below listed tips can help you get the most out of your living room.


We all are aware of the importance of dusting in cleaning services. However, what most people don’t know is that dust particles in our homes are mainly comprised of human skins (in dried flakes form). So, there is certainly no way that you can prevent dust into your living lounge. However, what you can do is to make sure a proper and thorough dusting of your living rooms on monthly basis.

Monthly dusting will make sure that these dried flakes don’t stick permanently to your floor or room corners. A longer period spent without dusting can cause bacteria and mites to flourish in these dried flakes that can cause serious health issues.

The best way to dust off all unwanted and unhygienic dust is to use duster or sweeper (whichever you prefer). Make sure you cover your face properly (especially your nose) while dusting. Covering your furniture with rough cloth will make sure the flying particles don’t get stuck on your furniture. Always use an organic and anti-bacterial agent for floor sweeping. This will ensure that not only all unhygienic bacteria are removed from your home, but also that you aren’t exposed to harmful chemical toxins.

Go for the mini blinds

In short span of time blinds have replaced traditional curtains. Not only they are good looking but also are robust and also much less prone to stains. However, provided that you don’t give due attention in cleaning of blinds, they can quickly become home to dust and dirt.

Professional home cleaning maids have in their duties to dust off blinds once in a month. You can too do it yourself by taking off all blinds and hanging them at the back of your house. A spray of soup and water will do the job for you. Let the blind drip off and dry. Sponge can be used to dry off the blinds.

Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops are a must for all homes and almost every home owner is worried about cleaning of these table tops. Glass tops are used in variety of furniture including porch tables, dining tables, coffee tables etc.

Fortunately cleaning glass table tops is one of the easiest jobs you will find. You can simply wipe off all the dust over glass top with wet towel. There are many glass cleaning agents available in market that can be used to retain the shine of your glass top.  Simply apply little amount of cleaning agent on the towel and wipe off the dust.

Home cleaning is a specialized task. Home cleaning maid service companies offer commercial solution to your home cleaning needs. However, you can also do it yourself with little effort and knowledge.


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